What we do

Express Healthcare offers a fast and convenient way for NHS and private patients to have their medical scan or diagnostic locally. Using the latest technology to join-up care, with the best range of up-to-date imaging and diagnostics, patients can be seen closer to home and on time, for the best outcome.

The service offered consists of 3 key components:

  • Provision of scan or diagnostic, at local, out of hospital, Express Centres
  • Reporting, including digital analysis
  • Integrated care, by managing end-to-end imaging pathways across healthcare providers

It’s simple and quick to arrange a medical scan or diagnostic locally.

4 steps for a seamless diagnostic patient pathway:

  1. Send an electronic referral (eReferral)
  2. Schedule an appointment with the patient at a local Express Centre
  3. Patient attends appointment for scan or diagnostic
  4. Results delivered electronically to clinician for the patient’s next appointment

Call us on 0845 154 2782 for more information