Meet 6 week & 18 week targets

Reduce waiting lists – avoid breaches – improve outcomes

Surging demand for imaging and seasonal fluctuations in referral volumes left a major London NHS Trust at a point where it was breaching 6-week diagnostic waiting time targets and 18-week Referral-To-Treatment (RTT) targets as a consequence.

The situation peaked when winter demand made it difficult for the Trust to get back on track in the short to medium term without capital investment.

2-for-1 on appointments

The hospital accrues a benefit if a patient is seen in the community as that enables it to offer the hospital slot to a priority patient, allowing twice as many patients to be seen overall.

Local, out-of-hospital centres

Express designed and deployed an integrated solution that provides local capacity across several locations, closer to patients homes, without long waits.

Appointments are scheduled, scans taken and reports returned in time for the next follow-up as a single, integrated pathway for every patient.

Breach free

Within weeks, the waiting list was brought to within target levels and has been maintained as such for the past twelve months despite volumes continuing to rise persistently and another winter passing.

“We were impressed with the resolve of our challenges in radiology. Very quickly, performance was on track again, and we continue to use the service to manage increasing referrals and maintain performance. A major benefit is the cost saving of not needing uneconomical waiting list initiatives or a capital business case.” (May 2016)
Mina Deved – Radiology Divisional Manager, Epsom & St. Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

Patients waiting over 6 weeks for a MRI (% of total), St Helier Hospital

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