Hospital manager, GP (Commissioner)

Manage demand with a local network of Express centres for seamless pathways fully integrated with the NHS.

Commissioners and providers of healthcare services can benefit by sharing services effectively and using digital techniques to create imaging and diagnostics capacity within a region without the addition of new facilities or expenditure on equipment. A welcome approach in times of a NHS that needs to embrace efficiencies while it faces austerity.

Patients waiting for elective procedures are estimated to be as high as 3.7 million in 2016, the highest level since 2007. The NHS also appears to have breached the main performance target – that 92% of patients on a waiting list should not have waited more than 18 weeks.

Hospitals are busier than ever, and this approach of community based provision enables the hospital to make that appointment available to priority patients, thereby doubling capacity without the associated costs of doing so conventionally.

  • access capacity on-demand without a lengthy capital and business case process
  • meet 6 week and 18 week waiting list targets
  • improve patient experience and outcomes
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