Waiting list management

Many healthcare providers and commissioners are experiencing an unprecedented increased in the demand for radiology services, due to a ageing demographic, better technology and the improvement in patient outcomes from medical imaging and diagnostics.

Increasingly, the use of medical imaging is far exceeding the capacity available from provider facilties and trained radiologists, and will continue to do so at its current pace of growth.

Express Healthcare’s solutions effectively manage patient waiting lists, from the clearance of backlogs to smoothing the day-to-day fluctuations in demand by providing an effective system by which to have patients scanned at high-quality facilties closer to home.

  • manage waiting lists in real-time to alleviate demand bottlenecks
  • no minimum volumes and pay-per-patient
  • no capital outlay required
  • out-of-hospital facilties, closer to patients’ homes

Read a guide to NHS waiting times

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