Tackle waiting lists

Reduce waiting lists – avoid breaches – improve outcomes

Growing problem

Ultrasound continues to be one of the most popular imaging techniques, and rising demand from GPs and MSK specialists, as well as in obstetrics, is indicative of its importance as an effective non-invasive intervention that helps inform treatment plans.

A large London hospital had quickly built a waiting list of over 5000 patients that was growing month-on-month, while referrals continued to outstrip available capacity. This was clearly untenable for the hospital and its commissioners, and unsafe for some patients.

Rapid capacity mobilisation

Express mobilised ultrasound centres in the community designed to see large numbers of patients locally, and systematically scanned over a period to bring the waiting lists to within the recommended guidelines.


Over four months the waiting list was brought to within target and has been maintained at that while the trust plans and prepares to expand capacity for the medium-term.

  • Seamless managed patient pathways
  • Access capacity, on-demand
  • Efficient use of local healthcare resources
  • No capital required
“Thank you so much for all your help with providing additional ultrasound capacity for us this year. It`s been great working with you and your Sonographers and wonderful  to be achieving the performance target again since August – we couldn`t have done it without your support!”
(Feb 2015)
Deanna McCready – Operational Manager, Diagnostic Imaging, Croydon University Hospital

Patients waiting over 6 weeks for imaging diagnostic (% of total), NHS Croydon CCG

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