Referring clinician, GP

Refer patients knowing they will be seen on time, with results at your fingertips for the patient’s next visit.

Referring a patient to an Express Centre is simple. Any authorised clinician can refer electronically or otherwise. Once the referral is received, our iRIS platform automatically triages the patient for the nearest centre with available capacity, and a convenient appointment is scheduled with the patient.

From referral to results, the undertaking of the scan or diagnostic is our responsibility, and will require no intervention of the referring clinician. The iRIS platform is specifically designed to manage thousands of individualised patient journeys, from scheduling and scanning, to reporting and the delivery of results electronically so they are available at the clinician’s fingertips at the follow-up.

  • improve practice and patient outcomes
  • access more facilities and imaging modalities without a capital or business case
  • unblock hospital capacity for higher priority patients
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