Cancer pathways

cancer-pathwaysImaging is a crucial part of diagnosing and treating cancer and the rapid pace of technological development is opening up more opportunities in the imaging field. For many cancer patients, cutting-edge imaging technologies can help identify their disease sooner and monitor how they respond to treatment.

Evidence shows that screening patients earlier onto discover the onset of cancer improves the chance of survival and a normal recovery. To achieve this of all cancer patients referred, we have set up a dedicated cancer referral pathway that meets 2 week waits as well as supports 31- and 62-day cancer treatment targets by offering patient prompt and timely imaging and diagnostics.

Using effective imaging and diagnostic techniques means that a patient’s surgery can be planned more effectively, helping to ensure a surgeon knows precisely what an effective treatment plans looks like before they have nay treatment. And imaging also helps doctors make important decisions about which treatments are likely to be most effective in real time.

  • improve cancer outcomes
  • meet 2 week waits, and 31/62-day treatment targets
  • improve planning of treatment pathway

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